To the Abolitionists of Pennsylvania

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To the Abolitionists of Pennsylvania


The Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society again presents to your notice, with much confidence, the subject of our annual sale of useful and fancy articles. The prompt liberality with which you have hitherto responded to our calls, and the zealous energy with which you have adopted this measure as your own, convince us that you perceive its utility, and need no argument from us on that point. It also assures us, that you are ready to join heartily with us, in similar, but more extensive labors, during the present year. The results of our last sale, which, at a time of great financial perplexity and embarrassment among all classes, was unusually successful, encourage us to enlarge the scale of our operations, and to depend, most confidently, upon you for aid in our preparations for the sale of 1843. All that is necessary for the accomplishment of our plans, is, that each should faithfully perform his or her part of the labor; and in deciding what that portion is, let each seriously consider how much those who know, by its enjoyment, what freedom is , owe to those who know it not. The fetter of the slave presses not less heavily, dear friends, because we have become partially inured to its contemplation. Shall not this year's efforts prove that we remember this fact?

Respecting the manner of aiding us, you can no longer need information. The committee would merely suggest that it is highly desirable that the materials used in the preparation of all articles, should be the produce of free labor, that we may not be guilty of robbing the slave of the fruits of his toil, in order to procure means to effect his emancipation.

The contributors to our last sale may be glad to learn that a portion of the avails of their labor have been devoted to the support of the National Anti-Slavery Standard —that potent instrument of good to the cause of Freedom. They who wish for further information respecting the appropriation of the proceeds, are referred to the last report of the treasurer of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society.

Let us begin our preparations immediately, and devote to the work as much time, labor, and money, as we should wish an enslaved brother or sister to devote to it, if our situations were reversed.


National Anti-Slavery Standard





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